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The Highbridge Community Life Center is a proud member of the Bronx Smoke-Free Partnership.  The Bronx Smoke-Free Partnership is making great strides in its goal to make Bronxites aware of the dangers of smoking and the risk associated with second-hand smoke to their families, communities and especially their children.  Effective May 23rd 2011, legislation will go into effect that prohibits smoking in all city parks and public beaches. Our youth can now enjoy the beautiful scenery and splendor of our parks and beaches without being exposed to the harmful effects of cigarettes such as secondhand smoke and the impact of toxic cigarette butts on our environment.  This very issue was featured in the Norwood News (December 16, 2010) and the Daily News (January 6, 2011). The Bronx has the highest rate of asthma in the nation which is why this is such an important issue.

The HCLC along with the Bronx Smoke-Free Partnership have spearheaded an initiative to combat the advertising found at the Point of Sale in bodegas and other convenience stores. The problem with this exposure to advertisements and products is that the main targets for exposure are the youth of our community.  Combating this problem is a major step in the victory against the tobacco industry in our community.

To visit the Bronx Smoke-Free Partnerships website, please go to:

If you would like assistance in quitting, please to go the New York State Smokersí Quitline website: or call 1-866-697-8487.

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