Health Education, Advocacy and Empowerment:

Our goals are to raise awareness and advocacy about public health issues, provide health education and services, and mobilize communities to promote the establishment of effective health policies. We empower Highbridge residents by providing the services and resources necessary to make sustainable transformation in their lives and community.


Obesity Prevention:  Diabetes and Heart Disease:  The Highbridge Community Life Center is partnered with Public School 73X: “The Bronx School of Cultured Pearls” establishing a Health and Wellness curriculum to promote and educate students and their families about the importance of good nutrition and physical activity in preventing diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.   We also empower families by providing health awareness and nutrition workshops for a healthier lifestyle.  This project is funded by the American Heart Association and Communities IMPACT Diabetes Center (Mount Sinai School of Medicine).


Bronx Smoke-Free Partnership:  We raise public and policy makers’ awareness of the risk of tobacco use and the toxic effects of secondhand smoke through the distribution of credible, evidence-based information.  We advocate for policy changes to better protect citizens from tobacco addiction and disease.  We will engage and partner with all Bronx communities and organizations in tobacco control and provide diverse local residents and organizations with a venue which to speak in one, amplified voice against the addictive and deadly results of tobacco use and propaganda.  This initiative is funded by the NYC Coalition for a Smoke-Free City.


The Highbridge Community Life Center was honored in being selected by The New York Academy of Medicine to present to various elected officials and health leaders our proposal for obesity prevention at their annual symposium: “What Must New York Do Now to Prevent Obesity?” We proposed: “Open Our Gyms though Joint Use Agreements” to the broader community for exercise during winter season.  We strongly believe access to public resources can make a difference in peoples’ lives.  


Health Education, Advocacy and Empowerment

A Community in Need of Health Services and Resources

The Highbridge section of the South Bronx is a low-income, distressed urban community bonding together to make substantial improvements on many levels.  Moreover, Highbridge can also be fairly characterized as a “produce desert,” being completely devoid of fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables. “The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found the Bronx ranks last-62nd out of 62 counties in New York State-in health outcomes.”   Unfortunately, Highbridge is facing an obesity epidemic of alarming proportions requiring immediate health intervention. As a result, our young are at the highest risk of contracting illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease as health records show:

Highbridge Health Ambassadors:  In the spirit of empowering our youth to become health leaders of tomorrow, Highbridge Health Program will implement a leadership program designed to educate students on health advocacy and ethical responsibility. Our vision is to have our residents take the lead in health awareness, advocacy and disease prevention while empowering others to do the same.  This program is in conjunction with the Heath Careers and Training courses offered at our Adult Education facilities.    


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