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The Empowerment Center in Goshen
Goshen in the summer
Goshen year round
Goshen Harmony Farm
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The Empowerment Center in Goshen
Goshen is our 150-acre retreat where people can relax, breathe fresh air, and experience learning through nature. Only 60 miles northwest of New York, the space includes a beautiful stone house, fields, pond, hiking trails, a small playground, two large basketball courts, and an organic garden. Over 500 people yearly experience the magic of Goshen through day and overnight educational and social workshops.
Goshen in the summer
Summer is the most active time of the year. Families spend a day in the garden picking fresh vegetables to cook a delicious, healthy meal. Seniors participate in outdoor yoga and bingo. Youth vivaciously run around in the wide open space, play games and swim in the nearby lake. Youth Summer Camp provides regular trips to Goshen.
Goshen year round
Hiking, sleighing, ice skating on the pond, picking leaves, and snowball fights are some of the popular activities throughout the year. A favorite activity is "putting the garden to bed" for the winter by covering the vegetable beds with a blanket of mulch, a lasagna-like composite formed by layers of manure, wet newspaper, hay and compost.
Goshen Harmony Farm
A community-supported garden produces the best-tasting vegetables that you will ever have -- delicious tomatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic, peppers, herbs and more! The community garden is an oasis of natural beauty where people work together for the good of the earth. It has a complete irrigation system, green house, tool shed, compost area, and flower garden. The Garden produces an eco-friendly organic crop using compost and manure from a local horse racing track instead of harmful commercial fertilizers.
Garden members and volunteers work in the garden. They are a part of a vision to restore the soil, air, and water of the earth through ecologically responsible choices.
Rent the Empowerment Center
Goshen is a beautiful, peaceful site for a workshop, conference, retreat, or special occasion. The Stone house has a large furnished kitchen, dinning room, and spacious meeting room. There are 35 beds fully accompanied with linens.
If you are interested in renting this space, contact Minna McGlashen at (718) 681-2222.
Contact Information
Goshen Retreat
Minna McGlashen at

979 Ogden Ave.
(718) 681-2222

Monday through Friday, 9-5pm
Sr. Carol and the Garden

Sr. Carole Keaney shares her deep connection with the natural world with others.
I love Goshen!
"I love Goshen -- the trees and the space! Goshen helped me realize opportunities outside the Bronx."

Ė Get and Give graduate attending St. Johnís University in Long Island
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