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Positive human development and strong supportive relationships are essential to building and maintaining a healthy personal and family life.  When the challenge to do this becomes too much, the staff of Family Services is there to help!  We offer quality, free, multi-disciplinary counseling services to individuals and families who need help with addressing the barriers to their happiness, safety, and success.


Our approach is friendly, respectful, and welcoming because we know that it is not always easy to face your problems directly or easy to take the steps to make the changes needed.  We also know that when people take the courageous step they often feel better about themselves, happier in their own life, and safer in their relationships!


Positive Self Development

Building a solid, happy life is not an easy task.  Many of us experience real challenges to making it through each day.  When an individual finds themselves in this situation, we can help.  Working with someone who can help us sort things out, face our issues directly, and support us as we find solutions can make all the difference in realizing our potential and our goals.


There is untapped potential and joy within each of us.  Family Services is committed to walking with people in their journey to a stronger, healthier life.

Strengthening Families

Family Services believes that children grow up to be healthy and strong when they are raised in families that are respectful, responsible, responsive, and nurturing.  Positive, caring, support relationship is the basic need for every parent and child and we work with families to develop and strengthen this style of relating as it is understand through their own particular lens of culture and faith.  We often focus on developing the art of communication, problem solving, negotiating, and decision-making as well as healing past hurts and ruptures in relationships. Each family is unique and so each service we provide to families is unique as well!


Promoting Healthy Youth

Teens and young adults deserve the opportunity to grow up in a nurturing home and a safe neighborhood.  When these components are missing, the teen and young adult often struggle to meet the demands of school, family, and society.  Through anger reductions services and family counseling, Family Services supports the teens in learning about themselves and developing skills that allow them to envision and realize a future of success and connection.

Increasing Support Networks
Individuals and families do well when their loved ones and communities can support them.  Family Services helps individuals and families to develop and strengthen positive connection with family members, relatives, friends, support groups, faith communities, and service providers.  This web of relationship, when positive and nurturing, helps to build strong, health, connected lives and encourages the development of a more vibrant neighborhood community.
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Family Services

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