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How much do the courses cost ?
  The Adult Education courses are free. The student will have no cost. 
How long is each semester ?
     Each term is 3 months long. 
What is the duration of each class ?
     Classes are 2 1/2 hours long. 
What documents do I need to register ?
      If available, please bring a photo ID or SS card. 
Do you have weekend (Saturday) classes ?
     We offer a Saturday citizenship class. Otherwise, no other classes are offered on Saturday. 
Can you fill out the Citizenship application for me ?
     No, unfortunately we cannot at this time. We can, however, refer you to onsite legal assistance. 
For Citizenship, how many times can I take the test in one year ?
     Every time you apply for naturalization, you have 2 chances to take the test. If you fail both times you have to reapply and repay the required fee. There is no yearly limit. 
Can I take two classes at once ?
     Yes, as long as class schedules don't conflict or overlap. 
Do you offer childcare ?
     No, we do not.
Do you offer transportation/metro cards ?
     We offer transportation for the Pre-GED/Youth class. 
How many hours a week do you cover for HRA ?
      15 hours. 
Are your courses HRA approved ?
Can I take the GED test here without taking the class ?
What is the procedure for the GED ?
     To apply for your GED, you must send in an application to our 1438 Ogden Ave. location. To access the NYS GED application, visit After applying, Highbridge will administer a practice test to you. If you make a minimum score of 2400, we will register you for the state test. If your score shows that you are not ready, we will recommend you for one of our GED classes.
For GED, how many times can I take the test in one year ?
     You may take the GED test 3 times in a 12 month period.
How long will I have to attend class before taking the GED ?
     There is no requirement for the amount of class time before the test; however, we recommend that a student remains in a course for 3 months.
Can I bring my child to class?
How long will I be on the waiting list if there is no space during registration ?
     If you are on the waiting list, we will call you at the beginning of the next semester with classroom availability.
Is Highbridge a part of the Board of Education ?
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