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The Highbridge Community Life Center gets real, measurable results through our outcomes and assets management, collaborations, and capacity building activities.
Highlights from the past year include:
  • 1548 students completed courses in Literacy, English as a Second Language, GED and many more programs.
  • 156 women increased marketable skills and employment opportunities with job training, such as Nurse Aide Training.
  • 508 people strengthened interpersonal relationships within families through counseling, psychotherapy, and holographic repatterning.
  • 233 youth advanced in academic achievement, life-long learning and service commitment through after school tutoring, homework help, coaching, and project planning. Immigrants became citizens.
  • 50 people expanded their ability to improve their neighborhood through leadership development activities and a community newspaper.
  • 250 youth participated in Recreation Center activities, summer camp and weekend workshops in Goshen.
  • 136 youth and adults participated in the Growing Assets Process to identify their strengths and plan on how to use them.
Outcome and Asset
Highbridge monitors and manages its programs with a detailed set of outcome objectives, performance standards, program activities, and database. Individual client progress is monitored by the Growing Asset Process (GAP) in which residents identify both assets and barriers to their self-sufficiency, develop personal goals, contact community resources, and meet with other residents similarly involved in growing personal and community assets.

The process establishes doable steps and documents progress of over 300 individuals and groups each year.
Highbridge connects residents to another circle of services and supports residents via three interlocking networks of community-based organizations:

  • An education-organizing network, the Community Collaborative to Improve The Bronx Schools (CCB), links parents and five community organizations to improve learning outcomes for children and forms parent leaders. Highbridge parents, as part of the United Parents of Highbridge, have brought educational gains to PS 73 in terms of cafeteria safety and infrastructure improvement in lightning on the park stairs behind the school.
  • A health-organizing network, Bronx Reach 2010, links residents to ten community organizations to address disparities in the health care system.
  • A family service network called Bridgebuilders links families to twelve community organizations to prevent children from entering the Child Welfare System and enhances family services for all residents of Highbridge. It is about connections, resources, empowerment, and community -- important facets of breaking the cycle of poverty and building family assets for community change.
  • A job development network called “Earn Fair Alliance” links families to six community organizations who provide employment assessments, job contacts, case management and follow-ups.
Capacity Building
After 25 years, Highbridge is moving from its growth stage to its established stage of development. In addition to continued innovation and competence in the community, we need to further stabilize services, improve reliable and ongoing funding streams, and strengthen a policy-driven board. Personnel policies, management structure, program tracking and evaluation are in place.Capacity Building is the Life Center’s anchor for high performance, best practice, and organizational effectiveness. It is the platform upon which our programs and mission rest.
Making a Difference
Leidys Suarez

"You might be paralyzed," words that Leidys Suarez heard after falling down a staircase and breaking her neck. Leidys had the determination to walk again and she recovered from her injury.
Making a Difference
Lucia Meyreles

Imagine moving to a new country and settling in one of its largest cities; apart from your family, foreign to the native language...
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