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The Highbridge Community Life Center campus consists of four sites, three within walking distance of each other in the Highbridge section of the Bronx. The fourth site sits on a pretty hill in Orange County, New York, a sixty-mile drive from Highbridge.

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Family Services 1252 Nelson Ave
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Phone: (718) 410-6744
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Empowerment Center 144 Broadlea Rd
Goshen, NY
Phone: (845) 294-3181
Fax:     (845) 294-3723

Facts about cold sores and the best cold sore cream

Facts about cold sores and the best cold sore cream

Anyone who has ever had a cold sore knows what a menace they can be. After all, cold sores are embarrassing, painful, and can last a long time. However, with smart treatment, the inconvenience caused by cold sores can be lessened. It all starts with knowing the facts about cold sores and what the best cold sore cream is. 

– Cold sores are contagious
Everyone had to get the cold sore virus from someone. However, once the patient has contracted the virus, there’s simply no getting rid of it. For that reason, those with a forming, active, or healing cold sore should take care not to spread the virus further. In other words, it’s recommended to not share drinks or kiss anyone until the cold sore heals. 

– Cold sores can contaminate cosmetics
The cold sore virus can spread to lipstick, a toothbrush, or even the a cold sore treatment cream. By using disposal applicators for cosmetics or creams, this risk can be eliminated. Additionally, toothbrushes should be disposed of after the cold sore heals. 

– Early treatment is vital
Early treatment can help a cold sore heal faster. Anyone who feels a cold sore forming should contact their doctor right away. The doctor can prescribe an oral medication and recommend the best cold sore cream – fixalip.com.au. That way, the problem will be attacked from the inside and the outside. 

fixalip the best cold sore cream

– Cold sore creams really do help
Many doubt that a topical cream will help shorten the duration of a cold sore, but it really does. The cream helps the patient’s body fight the virus and heal the skin at the same time. However, even the best cold sore cream needs to be used right at the start of symptoms to be effective. 

– Pain management is helpful
Besides creating a visual blemish, cold sores also cause pain. Placing ice or a cold rag on the area can help reduce swelling and discomfort when used in conjunction with topical treatments. However, any material that comes in contact with the cold sore should be immediately disinfected or thrown away to prevent spreading the virus.